"Proven Fast Results to Get Your Life Back and Grow Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Business and Profit" Double Money Back Guarantee.. 

Are you ready to Get More Clients with No Selling, Save Hours of your Time, Grow your Business, benefit from Step by Step Guides and “How To” Cheat Sheets, and Create a Business that Generates Income even while you are on an extended holiday?

This program is not about showing you how to be a Bookkeeper or Accountant- you already know that- this is about helping you Get Your Life Back, attracting as many of your IDEAL clients at minimal cost as you would like (and enable you to drop those less ideal clients), showing you how you can run your business more efficiently and effectively, saving you hours every day to focus more on what you love, how you can continue to grow your business if you choose, and how you can double your profit fast.

The lessons here will help you become the ultimate trusted advisor to your clients, will make your clients feel obliged to refer their family and friends to you and happy to pay your fees, give you further tools to add huge value to your own and your client's businesses, and ensure that your days become far more manageable and enjoyable. Even if you are part of a Franchise Group that offers support, these tools and lessons will complement and go above and beyond what your Franchisor offers you.

Including 20+ valuable sections of step-by-step guidance and bonus content, you will feel confident that you have all the required tools to change your lifestyle and business, and to achieve your hopes and dreams. Taking just one small step at a time and implementing each strategy will lead to massive results and business improvement in minimal time. And as new content is added each month, you can work through at your own pace.

However, this program is not for everyone, this is for those who want a better lifestyle, for those who are prepared to spend a small amount of time working on their business rather than in it, and for those who want more of the type of work they love -  using the tools and strategies provided to implement ongoing improvements.

Whether you are a one person business or have a growing team, this program will not only help you free up more time to spend on the things you love, like family, hobbies or holidays, but also to massively increase your income and, if you choose, grow a large business. The lessons and tools provided are delivered in an easy to understand way- through a combination of videos and recorded powerpoint presentations that you can refer back to at any time during your membership, plus guides, reports, templates, lists, cheat sheets and tools that you can customise, brand and implement. You also have email access to me, Jason Guy, an internationally accredited and qualified Business Coach and Advisor with over 20 years business experience. You'll be amazed at the quality of the content provided, and we guarantee your satisfaction or you get a full refund- see below our guarantee..

Absolutely no risk - get started now!  Membership access to the 12 month Accountant & Bookkeeper Success Program membership site plus some awesome Bonus material.


BUSINESS SURVIVAL FOUNDATIONS                                                             $3,900 value

  • 1)Think Like a Business Owner - working on rather than in your business
  • 2)Business Growth Basics - 7 profit drivers, business efficiency, time-management, staffing etc
  • 3)Ideal Avatar (Client) - deep analysis to identify your ideal client

BUSINESS SURVIVAL SUCCESS                                                                               $6,500 value

  • 4)Detailed Business Audit- Identify the best areas for you to focus on for the fastest results.
  • 5)Back-Office Overhaul one small step at a time (Save Hours Each Day & Handle Loads More Clients, set your business up to run smoother and faster, even without you)
  • 6)Boost Your Leads - design your lead attraction strategy, then use the many tools and suggestions to increase your leads fast!
  • 7)Drive Your Database - Use the easy guides to get the most out of every client, increase customer satisfaction and retention and increase referrals
  • 8)No Selling Conversion System - Get your ideal client to find and chase you
  • 9)Repeat Business Supercharged - Keep your customers coming back more often to use your services
  • TOOLS & RESOURCES                                                                                                             $2,200 value

  • 10)Email & SMS Templates 
  • 11)Lead Funnel
  • 12)Tracking Sheets, Cheat Sheets & Tips
  • 13)Private email access to Jason Guy for any further guidance needed implementing the tools.
  • 14)Access to a private Facebook Success Program Group
  •       Share thoughts and ideas and hear what’s working from like-minded individuals on the program.
  •       Live online meetings and special guests
  •       Up to date content and clarity on exactly what to do next

  • TOTAL VALUE of SILVER PROGRAM                                     $12,600

UNBELIEVABLE SILVER PROGRAM SPECIAL - JUST $289 PER MONTH BELOW- That's a Crazy $12,600 worth of coaching value for just $289 per month! BUT HURRY, LIMITED TIME ONLY


On the Gold Program you get everything included in the Silver Program PLUS.... 

BEYOND BUSINESS SURVIVAL                                                                                   $9,000 value

  • 1)Lead Generation Supercharged - Get those new ideal client leads flooding in!
  • 2)Referrals On Autopilot - Set up an easy system to get your clients to want to refer everyone they know to you
  • 3)Explode Your Database - Take your customer database to the next level, increasing income and referrals automatically
  • 4)Conversion Superstar - Step-by step process and sytems to convert your ideal customer leads with no selling
  • 5)Beyond Marketing -Direct Response Low Cost Marketing Ideas and sample templates that get results fast
  • 6)Increasing Income Beyond Belief With Minimal Effort - You dont want to miss this section!
  • 7)Diversification Speed Machine - Referral Partnerships, strategic alliances, additional services etc
  • 8)Profit Explosion -Pulling it all together - This is where you can see that you have finally made it!
  • 9)Clients For Life - How to keep clients chasing you for as long as they need your services

TOOLS & RESOURCES                                                                                                             $4,400 value

  • 10)Additional Email & SMS Templates 
  • 11)Lead Funnel
  • 12)Wow Pack template
  • 13)Conversion Funnel
  • 14)Facebook Ad Templates & Samples
  • 15)Tracking Sheets, Cheat Sheets & Tips
  • 16)Staff K P I Setter
  • ​17)Additional content

BONUS CONTENT                                                                                                                        $3,100 value

In addition to the above you also get:

  • 1)Access to a private Facebook Success Program Group
    • Share thoughts and ideas and hear what’s working from like-minded individuals on the program.
    • Live online meetings and special guests
    • Up to date content and clarity on exactly what to do next
  • 2)Additional content provided by guest speakers and experts
  • 3)Priority email access to Jason Guy for any further guidance needed implementing the tools
  • 4)A monthly Phone, Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp catch up to assess progress and make sure that you are on the right track.
  • TOTAL VALUE                                                                          $29,100

UNBELIEVABLE GOLD PROGRAM SPECIAL - JUST $587 PER MONTH BELOW- That's a Crazy $29,100 worth of coaching value for just $587 per month! BUT HURRY, LIMITED TIME ONLY

When You ACT NOW and are one of the next 50 people to respond, You will  Also Get ...

  • 1)A huge discount off the usual price of the program – Pay just AUD $289 per month for the Silver program or $587 per month for the Gold Program. Get 2 months Free if paying 12 months upfront.
  • 2)Free 22 page Report 'The most Effective Marketing Strategy on Earth' valued at $85
  • 3)An additional free Phone, Facetime or Skype consultation with Jason valued at $800, to ensure that you are on the right track.
  • ​4)A Copy of Jason Guy's book 'Exploding Business Profit'


The above bonusses are limited, and the price goes up to $449 for Silver and $847 for Gold per month when this special is over. So get in as soon as you can! Just complete the Form below.


100% Guaranteed

If during the first 90 days of the program you review all the information provided, pick my brains, absorb all content and templates, but feel that the Accountant & Bookkeeper Success Program doesn't meet your expectations... ... or if it fails to provide you with valuable information to Increase your profits, then I will refund 100% of your money.

Double Guaranteed 

If during the 12 months of the program you implement all the lessons taught and follow all instructions, and you do not at least double your business profit, then I will refund 100% of your money! 

Pay 12 months in advance and get 2 months free- that’s a 16.7% saving on the full price.

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BUT.... noting the busy year end is upon us, this program can be worked through at your own pace any time,  and offers advice to help you get through the upcoming year end and tax period with ease...

To Your Success,

Jason Guy

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get the "Accountant & Bookkeeper Success Program" is another minute you’ll miss out on the great life you could have by taking just some of the actions we suggest. Remember, 1 new client could pay for the entire membership! And what if your closest competitor grabs this offer? They could use our strategies against you…


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